Adios, Hola!

Uninstalling Hola for Firefox

Removing the Firefox extension

Step 1: Check if the plugin is installed

Open your Firefox browser, and look for the Hola icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Go to 'Add-ons'

Open the 'hamburger menu', and click the 'Add-ons' button.

Step 3: Remove the plugin

After clicking "Add-ons" a window should appear. On the far left, click "Extensions" and search for the plugin that says "Hola Better Internet".

Once you have found this plugin, there will be an option to "Disable" and "Remove" the Hola plugin. First disable the plugin by clicking "Disable", and then remove the plugin by clicking "Remove".

Step 4: Confirm

After clicking "Remove", a window will appear confirming that the plugin has been removed, and trying to convince you to download Hola again; however, we strongly advise against reinstalling Hola. There are plenty of alternatives, that do not compromise your safety.

Removing the Hola service (Windows only)

Removing the Firefox extension doesn't always remove all of Hola, unfortunately. On Windows, you may need to uninstall the Hola service as well.

Step 1: Open your Control Panel

First, open the Control Panel and click "Programs".

Step 2: Click "Programs and features"

Step 3: Look for Hola

Search for Hola in the list of programs. Once you have located Hola, right click the Hola program and click "Uninstall/Change".

Step 4: Uninstall

Once you have clicked "Uninstall/Change", another window will appear asking you to confirm the uninstallation. Click "Uninstall".

Removing the Hola firewall rules (Windows only)

There are a number of firewall rules created by Hola, that are not removed as part of the uninstallation process. The following instructions show you how to remove them from Windows Firewall.

Step 1: Open "System and Security"

Open Windows Control Panel, and click "System and Security".

Step 2: Open "System and Security"

Next, click "Windows Firewall".

Step 3: Open "System and Security"

On the far left, it should say "Advanced options". Click "Advanced Options".

Step 4: Open "System and Security"

After clicking "Advanced Options", a window will open. On the far left of this window, click "Inbound Rules". This will display a list of firewall rules.

Search the rules for the four Hola rules that are shown in the image below. Once you have located these rules, select them, right click them, click "Disable", and finally click "Delete"

Removing Hola files

This part is optional.

Hola leaves behind a lot of files, even after 'uninstalling' it. This part of the guide will explain how to remove these on Windows.

Instructions are likely similar on other operating systems, but have not been tested.

Note also that different installers leave behind different files; if any of these files or folders do not exist on your system, you can safely skip that step.

Step 1: Delete the "Hola" folder

Open File Explorer and navigate to the C:\, drive or the drive where Windows is installed. The first folder to remove is the "Hola" folder located in C:\, shown in the image below. Right click the folder, and click "Delete".

If this folder doesn't exist, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Go to "Program Files"

Step 3: Delete the "Hola" folder in Program Files

After opening the "Program Files" folder, locate the "Hola" folder within this folder. Once you have located the "Hola" folder, right click it and click "Delete".

Step 4: Go to Application Data

Software applications often save data and files to the local AppData folder. This folder is sometimes hidden; however, we can access it quite easily. First open File Explorer, enter %localappdata% in the bar at the top, and press enter. This should take you to your local AppData folder.

Step 5: Remove Hola's application data

Search inside the local AppData folder for the "Hola" folder. Once you have located this folder, right click it and click "Delete".

Removing Hola registry keys (Windows only)

This part is optional.

There are a large number of registry keys still within the registry, that are not removed by the uninstaller. The following steps will show you how to remove these registry keys from your registry.

Making mistakes in the Registry Editor can break your Windows installation. If you're not comfortable with that possibility, skip this section.

Step 1: Run the Registry Editor

First open "Run" by pressing Windows+R on your keyboard, then type "regedit", and click "OK".

Step 2: Remove the Hola user entries

After clicking "OK", a window should open. This is the Registry Editor, which allows you to add, edit and remove registry values.

First, double click "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", then click "Software", and look for the "Hola" folder. Once you have found the Hola folder, right click it, and click "Delete".

Step 3: Remove the Hola system entries

Next, double click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", then double click "SOFTWARE", and look for the "Hola" folder. Once you have found the Hola folder, right click it, and click "Delete".

Step 4: Remove the Hola default entries

Next, double click "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", then double click "DEFAULT", double click "Software", and look for the "Hola" folder. Once you have found the Hola folder, right click it, and click "Delete".

You're done! Sit back and relax.

Disclosure: We are not associated with Hola or any of its competitors. We do not stand to profit financially from this publication.